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Active Press Press Massagge

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The press massage by pressure restores peripheral circulation, reduces swelling and muscle tension.

Active Press is a press massage-based device, a compression treatment of the limbs that exerts effective veno-lymphatic drainage, which is helping the treatments of the main body blemishes caused by oedema and the retention of liquids affecting the abdomen, hips, legs and arms. It frees the extracellular environment from the slag and excess interstitial fluid, relieving the sense of heaviness in the limbs and giving a pleasant feeling of lightness.

Drainage and Reduction of the Oedema

Active Press facilitates drainage of interstitial fluid by activating venous circulation and freeing the extracellular environment from the slags that the cells constantly pour out. The pressure is not exerted at the same time on the whole surface but according to a centripetal sequence that is the same followed by blood and lymph.

10 specific programs of presso-massage

Active Press has 10 treatment programs that allow you to choose the most functional one to suit your client’s aesthetic needs. The blisters swell progressively or alternatively depending on the treatment program chosen by distributing the right pressure in the different areas of the leg section, ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness at every stage of the treatment. These programmable dynamic compressions work physiologically and are therefore very similar to normal muscular and plantar pumps, facilitating blood flow to the heart.

Ideal pressure of every section

The press massage compression takes place according to a centripetal sequence, respecting that followed by blood and lymph. The pressure is distributed by 16 solenoid valves, allowing precise control of the pressure of the leg sector, which does not exceed 120 mm Hg, the maximum systolic pressure value.ione sistolica.

The Effectiveness of Active Press

  • Removes excess interstitial fluid;
  • Favours the outflow of the venous and lymphatic circulation;
  • Eliminates swelling in the legs and ankles;
  • Improves the circulation of upper and lower limbs;
  • Restores proper lymphatic circulation;
  • Decreases and eliminates water retention and cellulite.
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