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Cesare Quaranta

Planning Beauty




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Cesare Quaranta designs valuable, smart, fitted solutions to every kind of aesthetic imperfection.

Cesare Quaranta has been working in the field of professional aesthetics for over 20 years. Its specialized production, design – even for OBL – and distribution of professional aesthetic devices conceived for beauty and wellness is a reference brand for all the aesthetic professionals who want to take advantage of innovating, reliable, multi-tasking technologies and tools.

High Quality

Long lasting technologies and devices, effective methods, remarkable aesthetic results and ethical commercial offers;

ISO Certification

Cesare Quaranta company obtained the “quality system management certification” by complying to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 norms for design, production and technical assistance of devices for aesthetic use.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our long cooperation with Universities and Research Institutions allows us to forecast and successfully predict the market needs. This leads us to develop unique and exclusive technologies dedicated to aesthetics.

Production as OEM

Our setup makes us a reliable and flexible in every development and customisation step of the product. We start from the partner specific needs and design, develop and manufacture devices suiting to the destination market requirements.

Professional Education

Regular sessions dedicated to education and training allow to aesthetic professionals to keep a high performance thanks to the know-how we share with them.

Technical Support

Our know-how comes from the experience of production and technical assistance. This allow us to be quick and qualified when a technical service and an ordinary or special reparation are requested on one of our devices;

An Evident Brand

Cesare Quaranta is an historical brand in the professional aesthetics and plans regular investments in advertisement and communication to support its sales network.

Geographical diffusion

Every day, more than 4000 aesthetic salons in Europe use our technologies and consider us a Top Supplier for their purchase;

Top Rated Partners

We are in the most important thermal centres in Italy and  all SPA of MSC Cruise Ships use our aesthetic devices to offer beauty and wellness to its guests.

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