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Anti Age Led Mask

Led Anti-age Device Treatment with polynucleotides



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Anti Age Led Mask combines the efficacy of a polynucleotide-rich serum with bio-stimulation of LED light device, challenging skin ageing.

Based on recent studies in the field of light application in aesthetic skin recovering techniques, Cesare Quaranta has developed an innovative professional intensive treatment protocol for contrasting facial and décolleté signs with the use of a Led mask.

The treatment protocol is developed in two phases:

  • Application of ACTIVA40 Cosmetic Mask with Polynucleotides;
  • Skin exposure to LED radiation at 645nm.
  • Activa40 Anti Age cosmetic mask

Activa40 Anti Age cosmetic mask

The Serum, rich in natural nucleotides, produces an immediate smoothing of superficial wrinkles, nourishing and returning elasticity and thickness to the skin. A TNT mask previously sunk in the serum is applied onto face and décolletée and left in place for 20 minutes.

The treatment is based on a lipopeptide that can penetrate deeply into the skin, favouring the production of collagen by fibroblasts, while the presence of chitosan with its high hygroscopic power, provides the skin with a deep and lasting hydration, as well as protects it forming a superficial natural film.

Anti Age Led Mask at 645nm

Removed the cosmetic mask, the face of the subject is exposed to LED irradiation to stimulate the physiological function of target tissues.

The Anti-Age LED Mask 645nm LEDs release low intensity energy, stimulating fibroblasts synthesis and producing endothelial growth factors without thermal effects and without ablation of the skin surface. The application time is short and all skin types, including dark and sensitive, can be treated.

Anti-age Age Led Mask Benefits:

  • Increased cellular turn-over at epidermic level;
  • Increased collagen production by fibroblasts;
  • Improvement of skin texture;
  • Reduction of the fine lines;
  • Recompacting of tissues.
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