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Blu Led Mask

Lenitive treatment with Polynucleotides and LED light



by DNA

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The Blue Led Mask combines the efficacy of a polynucleotide serum with the bio-stimulation of led light with a soothing, lenitive effect on the skin.

The soothing treatment is performed by combining the efficacy of the specific Activa40 Lenitive Serum with the action of the Blue Led at 464 nm. It is indicated in presence of couperose, dilated pores or congested skin and is indicated for the reduction of skin inflammation and acne imperfections.

The treatment lasts 20 minutes and is developed in two phases:

  • Application of the ACTIVA40 Cosmetic Mask with Polynucleotides;
  • Skin exposure to blue LED radiation at 464nm.

Activa40 Lenitive Mask

The Activa40 Lenitive Mask encourages the restoration of the correct skin sensitivity. In this serum, the extraordinary regenerative capacity of the polynucleotides is accompanied by the properties of the flax seeds, which act by reducing the unpleasant sensations of the skin, forming a protective film that soften and prevents skin irritations.

Treatment reduces localized inflammation processes, redness and acne imperfection, with immediate healing and soothing effect. Serum has emollient properties that leave the skin smooth and compact while ensuring deep hydration.

Blu Led Lenitive  Mask  at 464nm

emoved the cosmetic mask, it is time to expose the face skin of the subject to LED irradiation to stimulate the physiological function of target tissues.
The Blue LED device emits low-intensity energy at a wavelength (464nm) specific for normalizing treatments and for starting anti-inflammatory processes, promoting the absorption of active principles by cellular photoreceptors.

The complete treatment cycle should be done at least twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, when the skin is more sensitive to external agents and climate change. It is also suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.

Lenitive  Effects with the Blue LED Mask:

  • Reduces inflammation and skin sensitivity;
  • Promotes epidermal cell regeneration;
  • Regenerates, hydrates and brightens the skin;
  • Increases skin resistance to external agents;
  • Diminishes the acne inflammation;

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