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Mya E+ Lipomodeling

The Beauty Cult, The Slimming Art.



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Mya E+ works on localised or diffused fat and reduces the areas where cellulite imperfection is present.

Mya E+ is the ideal device for men and women who wish to reshape their silhouette and recover shortly a harmonious and balanced body. 24 programmes allow to run aesthetic protocols suitable to the specific customer needs, in case he wants to loose wait and even if he wants to slim and tone up some body areas.

Effective and pain-free, Mya E+ applies the benefits of high frequency ultrasounds and electro-stimulation at the same time.nti del corpo.

Ultrasound: Slimming and cellulite treatment

Ultrasound works by combining localised thermal and micro-mechanical effects together. Thanks to this combination the components of the cellulite structure are weakened, in particular the adipocytes membranes. Together with tissue massage and a local heat production, an improvement of the vascularisation and a molecular dissociation leading to cellulite nodule breaking up are achieved.

Electro-stimulation: Draining and Firming

Electro-stimulation works with deep pulses leading to a skin and muscle lifting effect: this effect improves oxygenation and revitalisation of tissues promoting metabolic exchanges and toxins elimination. The controlled emission of currents with different wave shape, modulated at frequencies going from 33 Hz to  5.000 Hz, allows to run customizable and highly effective aesthetic protocols.

Scientific approach to aesthetic imperfections

MYA E+ is equipped to analyse the bio-impedance of the customer. Once set some data about the morphological structure of the subject, the algorithm accurately calculates the fat-free mass, the fat mass, the total water in the body (intra and extra-cellular water) , the suggested number of sessions split in 4 different treatments: slimming, draining, cellulite and firming.

Results with Mya E+

  • Cellulite imperfections are reduced;
  • Diffused and localised fat are reduced;
  • The silhouette is outlined;
  • The skin is firm and toned up;

These treatments can be safely run on all body areas.

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