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Reduces the skin signs of age with radiofrequency



Anti Age


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Q-Frequency amazingly firms tissues and reduces wrinkles, promoting the aesthetic recover of the skin.

Q-Frequency energizes skin’s natural restorative ability, by starting the innate restorative process of the skin: it stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. When these elements are low the skin weakens and ages showing wrinkles and imperfections.

 Capacitive e Resistive Radiofrequency

The main effect of radiofrequency the energy emission as electromagnetic waves which act on the superficial skin and reactivate the natural regenerative process of the tissue.

According to the aesthetic needs of the customer and on the area to treat, Q-Frequency allows to reach the different levels of derma by using or the resistive or the capacitive mode.

Capacitive radiofrequency effectively targets the soft tissues: muscle, vascular system, lymphatic system.

Resistive radiofrequency strikes the more resistant tissues, those with lower water content: cartilage, fibrous connective tissue.

Hyperthermia: controlled tissue heating promotes anti-inflammatory skin processes.

Lifting effect: Radiofrequency provokes a contraction of collagen fibres, resulting in tissue recompacting effect.

Cell Oxygenation: controlled tissue heating promotes peripheral circulation and cellular metabolism, resulting in oxygen supply to the tissues useful to counteract the skin’s sagging.

Slimming: Radiofrequency re-activates cellular exchange with the extracellular matrix, favouring reduction in adipocyte size while collagen fibre contraction returns firmness to the tissue.

Drainage: Increased vascularization in the body results in a mobilization of water retention and a faster elimination of metabolic waste.

Long Lasting aesthetic results

At the level of superficial derma there is an immediate relaxation of the tissues with a similar effect to  lifting. The effect is immediate and progressive, continuing in the six months after a complete cycle of treatments: during this time the regeneration of the skin texture and the synthesis of collagen by the fibroblasts does not stop.

Q-Frequency results:

  • Reduction of localised fat;
  • Cellulite-fighting;
  • Wrinkles and signs of ageing smoothing;
  • Skin texture improvement;
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation improvement;
  • Stimulation of collagen production;
  • Skin tightening.
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