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Sonic Laser Shaper

Reduces the localised fat and reshape the silhouette




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Sonic Laser Shaper reduces the localised fat which resist more to the aesthetic treatments and regain harmony of the body shape.

Effective and pain-free, it releases the benefits of LLLT laser (low level laser therapy) technology and high frequency ultrasounds at the same time.

The combined and simultaneous action of ultrasounds and cold light laser considerably reduces the localised fat and can be safely used on all body areas. The treatment is focusing on tissues thanks to the handpiece which directs the energy on the target imperfection

LLLT laser to knock out fat

This is a laser fat removal device.

4 Laser sources at 635 nm of 28 mW at continuous emission are installed in the handpiece.
The light is able to penetrate the skin barrier, to effect photochemical feedbacks in the target tissues, to start lipolysis of the adipocytes and activating “chain” reactions .

The laser action increases the gradient of cytochrome membrane as well as ATP exchanges and their synthesis, culminating in the conversion of triglycerides into fat acids and glycerol which can go through the temporary pores of the membrane.

3 MHz ultrasound to counteract cellulite

Sonic Laser Shaper takes advantage of ultrasounds at 3 MHz emitted by 4 independent sources. Beside an intense lipolytic action, ultrasound takes micro-mechanical and thermal effects onto the target tissues and thanks to them it promotes the vascularisation.
Vascularisation is the necessary condition to start a good detoxifying action and the drainage of the stored liquids.

Sonic Laser Shaper effectively works for:

  • reducing the most resistant localised fat;

  • counteracting the cellulite imperfections;

  • reactivating the lymphatic circulation;

  • draining the stored liquids;

  • reshaping the silhouette harmoniously. silhouette.

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