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HAND LED MASK Anti-age photo bio-stimulation for hands


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE LED MASK A REVOLUTION IN PHOTO - REJUVENATION. THE SYNERGY OF TWO MASKS: LED + SERUM WITH NUCLEOTIDES. The skin of your hands ages more quickly than the skin of your face, constantly exposed to multiple external aggressions from climatic conditions to the detergents [...]

LED MASK – photobiostimulation & Anti-age


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE LED MASK Anti Age Led Mask combines the efficacy of a polynucleotide-rich serum with bio-stimulation of LED light device, challenging skin ageing. Based on recent studies in the field of light application in aesthetic skin recovering techniques, Cesare Quaranta has developed an innovative professional [...]

UNICA capacitive Rf + Ultrasounds + Electroporesis face and body


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE UNICA BRIGHTENS YOUR SKIN WITH A DURABLE LIFTING EFFECT. UNICA GIVES THE SKIN ITS NATURAL BRIGHTNESS AND RELAXTION, CLEANSING IT FROM IMPURITIES. Cesare Quaranta has designed UNICA, an instrument that, thanks to the combination of 3 methods, capacitive RF, low frequency ultrasound and [...]

Q-FREQUENCY – Capacitive and Resistive Radiofrequency


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Q-FREQUENCY THE REAL ALTERNATIVE TO COSMETIC SURGERY Q-Frequency amazingly firms tissues and reduces wrinkles, promoting the aesthetic recover of the skin. Q-Frequency energizes skin’s natural restorative ability, by starting the innate restorative process of the skin: it stimulates fibroblasts to [...]

AIRY RF resistive + Vacuum + LLLT face and body


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE AIRY REDUCE, DRAIN, HARDEN, DEFINE. AS A CHISEL REMODES THE CRITICAL POINTS Airy can be used safely on all body areas and has remarkable remodelling effects even after the first treatment. Its key point is the simultaneous and synergic [...]