Cellulite blemish

/Cellulite blemish

ACTIVE PRESS – Press Massage


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ACTIVE PRESS LEGS ALWAYS LIGHT THE PRESS MASSAGE BY PRESSURE RESTORES PERIPHERAL CIRCULATION, REDUCES SWELLING AND MUSCLE TENSION Active Press is a press massage-based device, a compression treatment of the limbs that exerts effective veno-lymphatic drainage, which is helping the treatments of the [...]

Q-FREQUENCY – Capacitive and Resistive Radiofrequency


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Q-FREQUENCY THE REAL ALTERNATIVE TO COSMETIC SURGERY Q-Frequency amazingly firms tissues and reduces wrinkles, promoting the aesthetic recover of the skin. Q-Frequency energizes skin’s natural restorative ability, by starting the innate restorative process of the skin: it stimulates fibroblasts to [...]

AIRY RF resistive + Vacuum + LLLT face and body


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE AIRY REDUCE, DRAIN, HARDEN, DEFINE. AS A CHISEL REMODES THE CRITICAL POINTS Airy can be used safely on all body areas and has remarkable remodelling effects even after the first treatment. Its key point is the simultaneous and synergic [...]

MYA Stim + Ultrasound Exclusive Patent


BROCHURE DOWNLOAD MYA E+     Stim + Ultrasound - Exclusive Patent CQ MYA NEW SILHOUETTE! LIPO MODELER WITH EXCLUSIVE PATENT CESARE QUARANTA. Mya E+ works on localised or diffused fat and reduces the areas where cellulite imperfection is present. Mya E+ is [...]