Contract manufacturing 

The pride of our company is the production on behalf of third parties.
In fact, we operate on behalf of other companies both in Italy and in the world.

Have you had an idea, an intuition or do you have dreams to realize in the aesthetic-medical sector but you don’t have the skills and / or experience to make them come true?
Do not give up on that idea or that dream but turn it into reality by relying on us, specialists in the production of cutting-edge aesthetic and electro-medical technologies.

You will find a reality made up of professionals who put their experience, their knowledge and their creativity at your disposal.
Our goal is to develop the production process you have in mind, customize it according to your needs and make it unique even in design.

Bring your ideas to life, become a manufacturer

Contact us and take the first big step towards the realization of your business idea

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    Beyond Production

    Our commitment does not end when the devices we have designed and created for you are delivered. It is our good practice to provide those who want it with real “turnkey” concepts.

    Our core business is the production of cutting-edge technologies, but our skills don’t stop there.
    We take care of accompanying you on a complete path to support the realization of your business.

    In fact, we believe that your business idea must also be developed around the finished device. Which would not be sustainable without a complete system made up of planets, each of which touches a different thematic area.

    In fact, we offer commercial sales support services and communication and marketing tools.

      Again, the training does not end with the purchase of the equipment. Our beauty trainers are always available for new training and refresher courses on newly tested methods. To meet everyone’s needs, theoretical-practical training can take place on-site, in the company, remotely, online.
      Development of real business concepts and related methods and methods. Format tailored to approach the market, whether national or international, and your target audience. What is the focus of your business? Slimming, facial skin regeneration, tissue and muscle toning? We help you to dissect it and center it in the correct way with methods and actions developed and tailored to your business.
      Possibility of multiplying the functionality of the device with new accessories or via remote software updates, without having to replace the device.
      We are always thinking of new ways to update and increase the potential of our technologies. Always new accessories that integrate perfectly both aesthetically and functionally with the technologies already developed and are compatible with the software in use. In addition, in the event of changes, software updates remotely to have devices always performing at the best of possibilities.
      We provide you with useful tools to choose and set up your communication style and the means to promote your business both online and offline: from printed advertising materials, to graphics for your web pages to advertising campaigns on social platforms. We create textual and visual content with you that you can use for your communication and marketing activities.

    Company’s Certifications

    Cesare Quaranta employs a quality management system in compliance with ISO 13485:2016 for design, manufacture service and placing on the market of electromedical devices for dermatology and aesthetic medicine and in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 for design, manufacture, service and placing on the market of electromedical devices for dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Design, manufacture, service and placing on the market of electronic equipment for the aesthetic sector. Marketing and sale of cosmetic products. With the aim of consolidating the quality level achieved in the production processes and reinforcing the renewal and the continuous improvement already present in all the company areas.

    Quality management and the technical assistance sector protects the customer from the point of view of short deadlines and excellent procedures in handling  any requests for technical interventions of the equipment.

    Cesare Quaranta devices are equipped with technical documentation intended for the professional operators: user, maintenance and instruction manuals. They allow the  simplification of  the operational functions and at the same time ensuring technical assistance managers correct instructions for a continuous and correct monitoring of devices.
    Each piece of equipment has been tested both from a functional point of view (reliability and performance) and from a one of safety and is carried out in full compliance with the standards set by the European Community and regularly subjected to strict compliance checks.

    Passionate about “Made in Italy”

    Did you know that Italian Law no. 166/09 introduced the new “100% Made in Italy” certification mark?

    Differing substantially from the less stringent “Made in Italy” mark, which only requires that the last stage of processing or transformation take place in Italy, the “100% Made in Italy” certification recognises those companies – such as ours – that have never resorted to offshoring, keeping their entire production process within Italy. All stages of production of the Cesare Quaranta technologies – from conception, design, production and assembly through to packaging – take place at our headquarters in Chieri (Turin) in Italy, harnessing the dedication and attention to detail of our team of engineers and specialised technicians.

    The unparalleled, unmatched and patented creative genius of Cesare Quaranta S.r.l., together with the robustness, reliability and performance of its devices, is recognised worldwide.